Every weekend I tell myself I should make time to blog. Spring break would have been a logical time. But no, I decided to put it off till the week before our monstrous motor speech exam. I should be studying right now.

In addition to perfecting the art of procrastination, I’ve learned the challenge and the power of waiting. I’ve come to realize that to teach someone to speak well, you first have to learn to listen well.

What does listening and waiting look like in the clinic? Here’s a frequently occurring example of what it looks like with a preschool client:

While playing with Mr. Potato Head, I hold up two pieces and say, “Do you want the arm or the nose?” And then I wait.

1 second…


If she answers this, how can I make the task harder? Maybe I’ll use a foil next time…


Why hasn’t she answered yet? What will I do if she doesn’t answer?!?!


What kind of support should I give her? She needs help!

4 1/2 …

The parent and supervisor watching me on the other side of the one-way mirror is probably wondering what in the world I’m doing!





Hallelujah! Good /n/ sound! Give that girl the nose!

Do you realize how long a few seconds can be when you’re waiting for someone to respond? But wait time is so important! Not just in speech pathology, but in life in general.

This semester, I’ve loved studying Psalm 130 where verses 5-6 say,


Waiting isn’t just sitting around doing nothing. It isn’t forgetting the thing you’re waiting for and doing whatever you want in the meantime. Waiting is exhausting because it involves actively and expectantly watching for something. If you ask someone a question, you have to look at them expectantly, wait, and listen if you actually want to get a response.

Jesus told several parables about waiting expectantly for his return.
I also love the example the disciples set for us in the beginning of Acts while they waited for the Holy Spirit. They didn’t go back to their old day-to-day life or go off and party. They “devoted themselves to prayer.” They waited expectantly and actively!

The more I’ve thought about waiting, the more I’ve realized how dominant the theme is in the Bible! Hebrews 9:28 and II Peter 3:13-14 also tell believers to eagerly and diligently wait for Christ’s return. Wow! I believe Christ will return someday in the future, but am I really expecting it to happen at any moment? Am I anticipating and longing for his return? Am I ready?

Waiting is hard, and I definitely don’t have it all figured out in any area of my life. But when you finally get what you’ve been waiting and watching for, it’s so rewarding!

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3 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Auntie says:

    Thank you for making the time to put this into words. So well said and it really spoke to me. I’m learning….no matter what stage in life, there are always things to be waiting on. And what a blessing to not just be mindlessly waiting, but to be waiting on THE ONE who already knows and is going before! (Deut 31:8) I love that promise! And, I love you! You’re a real sweet gal—to quote Uncle Mark. 😉 p.s. hope your big test goes well, too!!

  2. Nana says:

    Sounds similar to counseling!! There are times when all is quiet and I don’t know what’s going on with my client and there is no response. I’ve learned to pray during those times, either for me to know/hear how God wants me to proceed or for the client to hear from God and understand His truth.
    It’s so good to hear how God is teaching you and I’m very grateful for who you are and how you respond to God with a heart of love.

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