April Reads 2019

Jane of Lantern Hill

by L.M. Montgomery

Jane can’t do anything right. Her grandmother is always reminding her of her faults. Then Jane finds out her father, who she has assumed was dead, is alive and wants her to spend the summer with him. She is understandably nervous and terrified. She travels to Prince Edward Island (PEI) for the summer and discovers a home where she is loved and free to be herself.

I loved Montgomery’s descriptions of PEI. I was often reminded of my trip there last summer. For those who love Anne of Green Gables, I would definitely recommend this delightful story.

Three Act Tragedy

by Agatha Christie

A man dies at a party, and it appears as if he has been poisoned. However, no traces of poison or possible motive are found. But when a very similar death occurs at another party with the same group of friends, Poirot begins to investigate.

Agatha Christie is my go-to companion on road trips. I powered through this audiobook on a weekend trip. This was not one of my favorite Agatha Christie’s, but the mystery was still engaging enough to keep me awake while driving.

I’d Rather Be Reading

by Anne Bogel

My intention was to read these bookish essays slowly throughout the month, but I just couldn’t put this delightful book down! I really enjoyed reading Anne’s reflections on her reading life, from discovering as an adult that she was an avid reader to her adventures living next door to a library. It caused me to look back on my own reading life and made me so thankful that I started a log of what I read when I was a kid (back before I knew how to correctly spell “great” when rating a book). Anne warns against telling other readers they SHOULD read something, but I do think this is a book most readers would like reading/owning. I highly recommend purchasing your own hardcover copy for your personal library. It’s an adorable little book!

Death in the Clouds

Agatha Christie

Another Poirot mystery! A lady dies on an airplane and a small dart is found at her feet. Although Poirot was present on the plane, he is stumped as to the motive and means. If she really was killed by a blow dart, how did someone manage to do it in front of a plane full of people? Poirot teams up with a young lady and gentleman on the plane to investigate.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. Christie had me guessing right up until the end as I tried to figure out who the murderer was.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

After running away from his abusive father, Huck teams up with a runaway slave, Jim. The book tells their series of adventures traveling down the river, meeting a variety of characters, and thinking of schemes to stay out of trouble.

This was my book club read for the month. I read Huck Finn back in high school, but I found it was so different reading it now as an adult. I don’t think I picked up on Twain’s clever use of satire in this book. I loved the character of Jim and wanted to scream in frustration at Tom Sawyer towards the end of the book. I definitely have a deeper understanding and appreciation for this book now.

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