Leaving Maria’s

It was hard to leave Maria’s and all the amazing people there. Everyone has been so welcoming! I’m glad we have a couple days in Beijing so we didn’t have to say goodbye to each other yet.

We took the train to Beijing and spent the afternoon eating some good ol’ American food at McDonald’s and Starbucks and shopping in the pearl market. The market was full of different boothes and people ready to bargain. One lady grabbed my wrist and let me drag her down the aisle before she yelled in Chinglish, “Ok ok! Your price. Man you mean girl. You mean!” I then had to pry her hand off my purchase as she tried to sell me more stuff. Fun times!

Our hotel is really nice and a group of us went swimming this afternoon. Dinner here at the hotel was the fanciest buffet I’ve ever seen! We are definitely getting spoiled after a week of iffy internet, cold showers that kept turning off, hard mattresses, and a Chinese diet.

A couple of our teammates haven’t been feeling great so please be praying for them and everyone else’s health.

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4 thoughts on “Leaving Maria’s

  1. mimi says:

    So good you are stickin’ to your price. Since shopping isn’t your favorite past time glad you got to relax and eat in style. I’m sure it was hard to say good bye to the little ones and the workers. Your mom sent us the picture of baby /blanket, so sweet. Enjoy the rest of your time but there is no place like home. Prayers and hugs, ttmab

  2. Natalie says:

    Sounds like quite the shopping adventure! You are so mean. ha! I do not enjoy bargaining for prices.
    Enjoy the group and the trip home! Love you!

  3. Nana says:

    I’m glad you can enjoy some relaxation and that you stick to your price!! I remember the pearl market – they always liked Grampy and tried to get him to buy things.
    The pictures of Kara’s blanket and the babies and workers were beautiful. Continuing to pray for your team and you.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Cup ideas for the next Papa Burger Gathering:
    #1 Duck Brain Eater
    #2 Mean Bargaining Girl

    Love ya! Glad you’re having fun with your team

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