Caring for the Fatherless

Books on Orphan Care

These are books that I have read or that someone has recommended to me (and so they’re on my to read list!).

  • Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis ~A young woman tells the story of how she moved to Africa after high school and adopted 13 girls.
  • When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert ~A wonderful book on helping others (specifically those who live in poverty) from a Biblical perspective.
  • Silent Tears by Kay Bratt ~The author shares the beautiful and touching story of her time working in a Chinese orphanage.
  • Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
  • Saving Levi by Lisa Misraje Bentley ~Story of how a baby boy was abandoned, found, adopted, and saved by a miracle from God.
  • The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella
  • The Strength of Mercy by Jan Beazelv
  • From Ashes to Africa by Josh and Amy Bottomly ~A couple shares how adoption strengthened their marriage and brought them closer to God.
  • Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis


For great resources on orphan care, visit Show Hope or Orphan Sunday.

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One thought on “Caring for the Fatherless

  1. Glad to see what God is working in you. Reminds me of the hymn lyrics “Hast thou not seen how thy desires e’er have been granted in what He ordaineth”. Loved “Adopted for Life” & tcheck out he book “There is No me without You” by Melissa Fay Greene.

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