Let the summer reading begin!


I FINALLY FINISHED READING LES MISERABLES!!! It only took me 5 months, but it was worth every minute (in my defense, I also read several other books and finish a semester of classes during those 5 months)! It’s a long book, and Hugo tends to go off on semi-related rants, but it’s still beautifully written and filled with wonderfully crafted characters. Hugo’s dramatically romantic style fascinates me–Marius cracks me up with his melodramatic episodes!

By the way, if anyone is interested in reading Les Mis but is feeling overwhelmed by the length, I highly recommend Enriched Classics’ copy. It cuts out some of the long, descriptive passages that don’t affect the storyline as much, causing the story to flow more smoothly and quickly. That’s the version I read several years ago, and I really enjoyed it.

Now that I’ve finished Les Mis, I’m ready to tackle my summer reading list! Looking at the 40+ books I want to read, I think I’ve slightly overestimated my reading abilities. I guess after Les Mis I think I can accomplish anything.

What’s on your reading list this summer?

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